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I Tweet in my Sleep

Written by Ross Teasley, 10 years ago, Comments

    Hi, my name's Ross, and I'm a Twitter neophyte. [You: "Hi Ross."]

    I was dreaming about Twitter all night. [It's important to acknowledge you have a problem.]

    What's more, the dream had a soundtrack… "Rockin Robin." You know the old song: "all the little birds on J-Bird street / love to hear the robin goin Tweet Tweet Tweet." Really. For crying out loud, I'm trying to sleep over here. [It appears I've finally hit bottom and am ready to change.]

    What am I going to do about this?

    I'm clearly required to blog about it and then Tweet the blog. [Relapse. Damn.]

    The dream was my unconscious working overtime. I've been active on Twitter for only a short time now, which means that some of the concepts of how it works, the conventions of how to use it, protocols and terminology are new to me.

    It takes a little time to really understand this Twitter thing and to put any new-found understanding into some functional context. And, apparently my mind has been working on it more than I knew because Twitter hijacked my dreams last night.

    Loosing sleep is not something I appreciate, and hearing the incessant bubble-gum pop tune "Rockin' Robin" all night is cruel and unusual punishment.

    But, the dreams cleared some things up for me.

    Hash tags are easy enough to grasp as a concept, but I didn't see some of the deeper utilities of them until I was sound asleep. Some parts of my dream were connecting with similar parts of other people's dreams through the proper use of a good hash tag…

    This way those kindred components of the dream world could support each other and maybe even agree on a place to meet in order to develop further. Aha! Hash tags are not just about tagging text so it's more searchable later. Hash tags are the linchpin for self-organizing ideas.

    (BTW, if I've got that wrong, it's only my unconscious self… please straighten the conscious me out by posting your comments below.)

    Oh, and since these dream fragments wanted to meet up with other similar dream fragments, I'm guessing this is the idea behind a "TweetUp," too?

    Tweet. Tweet. Rockin' Robin. Last.fm press play.


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    1. Tom Stevens says:

      What is a hash tag? Teaching is, of course, the best way to learn…so please explain! And thanks for the Robin, state bird of Michigan.

    2. hyperhead says:

      A Twitter hash tag is like a “keyword” or “unique code” added to a Tweet in this form #blahblahblah, where the “blahblahblah” is the unique code. So, the pound sign is called the “hash” and the tag should be unique so when users search for the hash tag, it will match all Tweets including that hash, and only that hash tag.

      Often, Twitter software will automatically recognize hash tags and pre-format them with a link to http://search.twitter.com — so that all users have to do is click on a hash tag to see search results.

      Try this one: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23redwings

      There are a lot of other uses for hash tags too…