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Home Gray Water Use

Reusing the waste water from your washing machine or shower in your garden seems like a no-brainer for anyone living in Southern California. You would be surprised, however, by just how challenging it can be to “do the right thing” in “the right way” (meaning: complying with regulatory codes).

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Photo credit: Jeremy Levine Design, www.jeremylevine.com

Good people have been working diligently for a long time to change restrictive regulations and remove some barriers to entry for those of us who want to recycle what precious little water we can get down here in the deserts of Southern California.

The good news is: more lenient regulations appear to be just around the corner…

As long as you plan for a system that generates less than 250 gallons per day and the water is used only on-site, you’re well on your way to graying (or greening) your water. There are, however, a total of 12 guidelines in a new piece of legislation that appears to be slated for approval in early August.

Check out this detailed post from the Los Angeles Times Greenspace blog:  More Lenient Gray Water Regulations.


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  1. chris says:

    There is a product that presents the ability to re-use greywater in residential homes. The company is water legacy and the product is a WL55. See their site at http://www.waterlegacy.com.